Our Story

The Platter Restaurant, as we know it today, was originaly built in 1880 by Frederick Prentice as a brothel to accommodate visiting businessmen and wealthier locals.  There were outbuildings just behind the main building built in a U-shape where customers could discreetly "hide" their buggies.  Living quarters were provided for the "ladies" in the main house.  This brothel was foreclosed by Ashland County Sheriff George S. Cook on June 4, 1901.  The property was sold to the highest bidder, J.S. Ellis for $6,196.82.

Julian and Lydia Howard purchased the house in 1904 and lived there until 1915.  The home had various owners until George Anno bought it in 1944, then sold it to Dr. Andre Lamal and his wife Isabel in 1947.

In 1955, H. Clark Garrich and Clarence Schloegel purchased the house and established the Platter Restaurant.  In April of 1970, the sign which sat on the roof shorted out and started a fire.  It was at this time that the North dormer was eliminated and the present entrance was added as part of the remodeling necessary after the fire.

In 1976, The Platter was purchased by Richard and Joan Tutor, who sold it to David and Theresa Zeis in 1999.  They ran the The Platter until 2010 when Tim Walworth purchased the historic landmark and restaurant.