Our Beautiful Outdoor Porch is Now Open!

Outside PorchAfter much effort and gnashing of teeth our outdoor porch has been rebuilt from the ground up and now provides outdoor seating. Come by the Platter for evening drinks on the porch or enjoy a romantic dinner for two outside with the sun setting behind the Prentice wildlife park. Ashland Wisconsin's newest outdoor eating experience.



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One Response to “Our Beautiful Outdoor Porch is Now Open!”

  1. James Lamal Says:

    Hello Tim:

    I am one of six sons of Andre and Isabel Lamal. It is so satisfying to see our home in use once again!
    We have so many fond memories of that great home and it's country environment and friends who lived near us.
    A number of Lamal siblings will be visiting Ashland October 24-26, and we look forward to visiting our home (The Platter!) again!

    James Lamal - Madison, Wisconsin